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JMobile is an innovative, truly mobile HMI platform for real-time monitoring and controlling of remote equipment. JMobile runs on embedded systems, PCs, cell phones, PDAs, virtually any mobile device. You can use JMobile to view live data from factory equipment, home appliances, or just about anything that has Ethernet connectivity. Imagine the possibilities… pick up your cell phone and check the cycling data of a test system, check an alarm, re-set an access gate code, or update the timer on a security lighting system from virtually anywhere. JMobile makes it easy.

Solutions – JMobile Benefits

JMobile is a software suite designed to offer a complete HMI solution with client-server architecture.

JMobile applies the latest available technology developed for HMI in industrial automation to every situation where a user interface is required. The suite includes commissioning tools, to allow easy maintenance and configuration of multiple remote units, and both desktop and runtime engineering software for application development.

For factory automation, home automation and marine applications, Exor International can offer complete JMobile solutions based on certified hardware platforms where the system has been extensively tested, thus offering a high degree of reliability.

What’s new: JMobile V1.91  has been released!

JMobile V1.91 is another important step in the evolution of the HMI software you are using. V1.91 comes with a great number of new features, such as an outstanding implementation of indexed addressing and an efficient Tag Cross-reference viewer. JMobile V1.91 offers full compatibility with the applications you have already developed.

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Jmobile new released! V1.91 from Exor

Jmobile new released! V1.91 from Exor



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