HMI And Sensors

HMI technology is becoming ever so popular with many projects which involve any automated controls, monitoring or operator presence just to name a few.

But are we really thinking outside the square or your typical solutions?

Have a look at how far this technology has come today, with EXOR – UNIOP HMI Operator Touch Screens and the all new JMOBILE configuration software, Everything Changes & Everything is Possible!

Some features:

  • High performance and elegant die-cast housing
  • LED backlight and dimmable to 0%; ideal for Marine Automation
  • Lower power consumption
  • ARM Cortex A8 CPU, 600Mhz and 1GHz
  • Enhanced storage with SD card slot
  • Dual Ethernet with switcher
  • DNV Type Approval
  • White, Black or Silver and wide screen 16:9 format for some models

Sensor Products – Over 10 years of experience with Sensor Technologies such as Photoelectric, Inductive Proximity, Safety, Distance, Laser, Encoder and many more, allows us take care of unique and niche projects within this field. Tecno Platformdoes not carry any specific brand, but will carefully select and help you with most applications saving you search time and money, guaranteeing performance and avoiding multiple, wrong purchases to resolve problems!

We support – SICK, BALLUFF, ITAL SENSOR and many more …

Contact us direct for material consultation and supply, or one of our trusted partners displayed on this page for integration or on-field technical expertise.

How Tecno Platform Can Assist Your Automation Needs